What is a roll-up mattress?

Roll-up mattresses are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and price point, but some people may still be wondering what a roll-up mattress is. This quick guide should hopefully clear things up.

The term rolled up or roll up mattress can be confusing for many. You may think of a mattress that can easily be rolled up after use like a camping mattress or a futon. The truth is this term is now widely used for mattresses that are supplied rolled up but cannot necessarily be rolled back up later.

A roll up mattress refers to how a mattress is packaged when purchased. These mattresses often consist of either pocket springs, foam or a combination of both are compressed, vacuum packed and rolled up to a fraction of the size. They are usually then packaged in a box or bag for protection, convenience and manoeuvrability.

A roll up mattress in this sense does not mean you can roll the mattress back up after use. It simply refers to how the mattress is rolled up for easier transport once you have purchased it. Therefore, if you want to purchase a mattress and pick it up that same day you can more easily take it away with you and fit it into your car. Along with this you can also manoeuvre the mattress around your house, up the stairs and into your bedroom of choice with much less effort.

Are roll up mattresses as good as non rolled up mattresses?

The range and quality of roll up mattresses vary greatly. Some popular roll up mattresses advertised are simply a collection of different foam materials. These can possibly be cheaper as they contain less quality fillings. This is why many rolled up mattresses vary in quality and price when compared to others.

Other mattresses such as The Alma contain pocket springs for improved support and body contouring, allowing for the shape and weight of your body to be mirrored more easily. On top of this the Alma also makes use of gel infused memory foam. This provides a comfort layer that doesn’t make you feel as if you are overheating like lesser quality foam mattresses do. This provides you with the feel of a much higher quality mattress that provides optimal temperature regulation and great support, all whilst being at a very reasonable price.

So what’s the verdict on a roll-up mattress?

Roll up mattresses are becoming increasingly popular because they take a lot of the strain and stress out of buying a new bed.  In a nutshell, they make it much simpler to find, choose and have one delivered to your home. The Alma mattress was built with more than this in mind, our sixty years experience as allowed us to design a mattress that offers all of these advantages whilst being the ultimate sleeping surface and extremely durable. The combination of highly supportive pocket springs and cooling gel comfort layers are what really set the Alma apart. In the Alma we have taken all of the confusing options out of the mix leaving you with a well tested, well made, and well thought out mattress.

The Alma mattress is a rolled up mattress that doesn’t feel like a roll up. By careful design it provides you with all the comforts of a high end mattress without the high price tag with the extra advantage of being able to be collected from store in your own car.

Aside from being extremely well made the Alma mattress offers a 100 night sleep trial. This means that if you for some reason feel it’s not for you, you can return it after 100 nights (View the terms and conditions here).

Choosing the Alma mattress means stressing less about beds and more comfortable nights in them.