Alma Hybrid Mattress In A Box

Alma Haven Memory Foam Pillow

Alma Hybrid Mattress In A Box


Alma Haven Memory Foam Pillow

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100 Night Trial

To help you feel more confident in the purchase of your Alma mattress we provide a 100 night trial option. 

Trying a mattress before you make a commitment can be a great way of making sure you are making the right choice. 


Trying at home will also help you discover if there are any things you don’t like about a mattress that would never have been noticed in a short visit to your local bed store.

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A mattress in a box?

The Alma mattress has been manufactured and vacuum packed to provide a more convenient way for you to get your mattress where you want it to be.


As a mattress in a box it can easily be delivered and taken to a room of your choice. All you need to do is unpack your mattress, roll it out and wait a short amount of time for your mattress to take its shape, ready to give you many nights of perfect sleep.

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Made with 60 years of experience

The Alma mattress was specially designed by UK Sleep experts over at the award-winning Prestige Beds.


Since 1959 Prestige beds have been selling and innovating in the bed industry. All this knowledge has been used to create a mattress perfect for you and millions of others.