Alma Mattress

Why the Alma Mattress?

The Alma mattress is a pocket spring, gel memory foam, hybrid mattress designed with five things in mind. Comfort, support, pressure relief, temperature regulation and durability. We believe that each of these areas are what make or break a mattress.

With over sixty years sleep experience, the Alma mattress was designed from the ground up by our sleep experts at Prestige Beds to not only to be the best mattress in a box on the market but to also outperform mattresses that cost more than twice the price.

The Alma mattress is made up of five main components that have been carefully brought together in a certain way that offers the absolute best performance.

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Optimal Support & Comfort – Pocket Springs

The first of these components are the tried and tested pocket springs. Pocket springs work differently than other spring systems as they are only connected to each other by a fabric pocket. Lesser spring systems use wires or clips to hold each spring together, making each spring react to it’s neighbour when compressed or released. Pocket springs work differently than this as each spring can work independently of its neighbour. If a pocket spring is compressed or released it has very little or no effect on the neighbouring spring, this means your body can be contoured to and supported evenly whilst movement transferred from a sleeping partner is at an absolute minimum.

Perfect Temperature regulation – Gel Infused Memory Foam

One of the key areas where the Alma sets itself apart from other mattresses is its ability to regulate temperature, providing you with a sleeping environment that is perfect for a good night sleep. This is made possible through the gel infused memory foam.

There is no doubt that memory foam is an amazing product. It offers pressure relief, optimal body contouring and supports your entire body. The only downside with regular memory foam mattresses is that  they can be too warm to sleep on. This is due to the insulating properties of foam. Many manufacturers can attempt to reduce the heat by cutting channels and running “air holes” through the mattress, this can have some effect but hardly enough to counter the problem.

The Alma mattresses uses a special gel that is infused with the memory foam to reduce the problem of heat to a level where few other techniques can match. This combination of temperature regulating gel and memory foam provide you with sleeping surface that gives you all the benefits of memory foam without you having to compromise with uncomfortable temperatures.

Easy to maintain

The Alma mattress is a very easy mattress to maintain. You do not have to flip the mattress over, meaning it is good for your back in more ways than one, and it’s removal, washable cover means you can refresh your mattress as and when you feel the need to.

Purchasing many traditional mattresses generally means you are tied into the monthly task of flipping your mattress over to spread wear on the fillings inside. The Alma mattress has been designed in a way that removes the need for this inconvenience.

The Best Mattress in a Box?

We designed the Alma mattress to be the best mattress in a box on the market. Using our sixty years experience our sleep experts started at the very beginning whilst designing the Alma. We used traditional concepts such as pocket springs, due to their ability to shape, react and support and paired them with modern technological breakthroughs such as gel infused foam, and designed a mattress that offers all the basic you need. We then went on to improve factors such as the “sleepable” surface area of the mattress, reinforced side walls, stylish design and low maintenance.  This attention to detail has led us to create, what we believe is the best mattress in a box on the market.

Stronger Edge & Increased Sleeping Area

The Alma mattress also features foam encapsulation. Simply put, this is a foam wall that runs the full perimeter of your mattress, boxing in the pocket springs. This “reinforced wall” protects your pocket springs and dramatically reduces the chance of your mattresses collapsing through prolonged periods of sitting on the edge. This increases the potential lifespan of your mattress dramatically whilst also making it more durable. On top of this, the foam encapsulation increases the sleeping surface of your mattress, allowing you to get closer to the edge without the feel of roll out.

100 Night Sleep Trial in Your Own Home

The Alma mattress even comes with a 100 night sleep trial. This means you can try the mattress in your own home.

Free Delivery & Old Mattress Removal Service

To top it off, we will deliver you new Alma mattress for free to a mainland UK address. We even offer a removal of old mattress service for a small charge.

Mattress in a Box?

The Alma mattress has been manufactured and vacuum packed to provide a more convenient way for you to get your mattress where you want it to be. As a mattress in a box it can easily be delivered and taken to a room of your choice. All you need to do is unpack your mattress, roll it out and wait a short amount of time for your mattress to take its shape, ready to give you many nights of perfect sleep.